Looking to sell your unwanted designer clothing, shoes and accessories? Then you've come to the right place! With over a decade of experience in the resale industry, the experts here at can help you turn that closet into cash! Our resale and consignment program is available to clients nationwide; in addition to those in the local North Georgia and Atlanta Metro areas.

We offer a variety of options to meet your unique needs - everything from local closet cleanouts (yes, we make house calls!), to a lucrative consignment rate, and cash buyout options on large estates and collections. Simp, o through our online form, and you'll receive an offer to either purchase or consign them within 24hrs. Accept our terms and we'll send you a shipping label, and arrange package pickup at your earliest convenience.


The basic difference between Buy and Consignment is that with Buy, we offer to purchase your items outright; whereas with CONSIGNMENT we attempt to sell the items on your behalf and you receive a percentage of the sale price, only after the items have sold.

Regardless of which option you choose, the first step requires that you provide us with photos, condition descriptions, and a guarantee of quality for each item that you wish to sell. Typically we are looking for current styles from elite designers, in lightly worn to like new condition. In addition to clothing we also accept vintage items from notable designers, a range of fine / vintage costume jewelry, designer shoes and accessories. email: [email protected]

Once we have reviewed your submissions, we will let you know which items we are interested in; and from there, you can choose to either accept our resale purchase offer, or consign the items with us.

Should you wish to accept our PURCHASE OFFER:

We will ask that you pack the items and provide us with the size, number and weight of boxes used. Once this information is received, we can send you prepaid mailing labels for the packages(s), and can schedule carrier pickup for you if desired.

After the item(s) are received, inspected and approved by us, we will issue you a check for the agreed upon purchase price. 

However, if we find an item to be "not as described" we will contact you to discuss alternative options. These options would include:

  • An offer to purchase the item(s) found to be "not as described" at a reduced price; assuming they are still salable.
  • An offer to return the items to you at your own expense.
  • An offer to donate the items to charity on your behalf and provide you with a donation receipt.

To avoid such issues we will provide you with a quality check list, and ask that you carefully review each item prior to shipping. 

The benefit of resale is that we assume all of the risk, and you get paid for your items up front. There's no sitting around waiting and wondering if your items are going to sell. 

Should you wish to CONSIGN your items:

Should you choose to consign your items, we will attempt to sell them for you on your behalf. If an item sells, you will receive 40% of the sale price. The 60% that we retain covers our service fee, and all of the cost associated with selling your items (advertising, product shipping & handling, merchant fees, etc.). The consignment period is 180 days from the original listing date. This period does not include processing time (up to 1-3 weeks), and payouts may be delayed by up to 30 days extension if any of your sold items are still “Pending” under our 30 day return policy.

If you wish to consign with us, you will be responsible for shipping the item(s) to us, although we can help you obtain reduced shipping rates.

You will receive 40% of the sale price after the item has sold, and your check will be issued at the end of the consignment period.

If by the end of the consignment period and item remains unsold, we will contact you to discuss the options. These options will include:

  • An offer to return the item(s) to you at your expense.
  • An offer to donate the item(s) to charity on your behalf and provide you with a donation receipt.
  • And possibly, an offer to purchase your items outright at a reduced rate.

The benefit of consignment is that you may earn more money for your items in the end; however there is a longer waiting period, and there are no guarantees that an item will sell.

Ready to Sell Your Stuff?

If you would like to submit items for our consideration, please review our , and evaluate your items carefully. For those that meet the quality requirements, please submit 1 - 3 photos and include the following information for each item/set: Designer, Color, Style (Suit, Jacket, Pant, etc.), Size(s), and condition. If an item is part of a set, please photograph the set together.

We recommend submitting items through our online form found here:

Or, if you prefer, items can be submitted through email, addressed to: [email protected].

Once your items are approved, we will send you a packing checklist and shipping instructions, and a copy of the Resale / Consignment Contract.